Track Premiere: American Standards – “The Tourist”

When you’re ass-deep in the middle of a Pacific Northwest winter—gray for weeks, rain, wind, rinse, repeat—like this writer is, it’s easy to fetishize the lives of those who live in perpetually sunny climes, such as Phoenix-based noisy hardcore quartet American Standards. But, if the rage displayed on their latest single, “The Tourist,” is any indication, relentless sunshine and triple-digit temps aren’t exactly good for the temperament either.  The long-running outfit—Brandon Kellum (vocals), Corey Skowronski (guitars), Steven Mandell (bass), Chris Daley (drums)—channel their fury into a three-plus-minute pounder that has plenty of metallic heft, an abundance of bass rumble and guitar skree, and is topped off with an unhinged vocal performance courtesy of Kellum. As a counter-balance to to his eye-popping exhortations,  Cody Milford of the God Samaritan adds a short, equally angry rap to the proceedings.

“The Tourist”  is one of three new tracks American Standards recorded for its upcoming Dopamine Dealer EP—produced by the band—which is set for release (digital only) February 3 on Manic Kat Records. Mixing of Dopamine Dealer was done by Aaron Mitchell at Sad Ghost Studios, with mastering by John Naclerio at Nada Recording. You can place your preorder for the EP here. You can presave “The Tourist” here.

Here’s what vocalist Brandon Kellum had to say about the new single:

“The Tourist explores themes of consumerism and legacy. It’s easy to get lost chasing things that don’t really matter. That instant gratification quickly fades though and often results in the search for the next hit of dopamine. I’d like to think a more resonating legacy is left by the impact you have on others.”