Track Premiere: Veilcaste’s “Drag Me Down”

Photo: Gary Cooper

New years are all about unkept resolutions, so as we enter 2023, let’s salute people who committed to doing the work and kept at it for more than a decade. Veilcaste was formed initially as Conjurer back in 2010. Ten years later, they changed their name. Three years after that, they are releasing Precipice. It’s weighty music but not heavy in the traditional sense. Instead, it carries an emotional weight and resonance that you don’t get much from metal. Emotional heaviness is elusive, but this music forces listeners to look inwards. The comparisons to fellow third-eye gazers Yob and Neurosis are pretty accurate.

Decibel is premiering the first track “Drag Me Down” today. Precipice was recorded and mixed by Carl Byers at Clandestine Arts and mastered by Collin Jordan, who has worked with Yob, Cough, Windhand, Pelican, and Apostle of Solitude. Vocalist Dustin Mendel says “Drag Me Down” is “about organized (mostly Abrahamic) religions and their practices, dogma, and rituals. Believing what they think and do is righteous while thinking any other rituals and beliefs are wrong, evil, and reduced to myths. The song wrote itself after our drummer Chris freestyled the lyrics to the chorus while showing me the phrasing he heard in his head.”

Take a listen below. Preorders are available here via Wise Blood.