Album Premiere: Degraved – ‘Whispered Morbidity’

Degraved Band Photo

A little less than two years ago, Seattle death metal duo Degraved emerged from the sewers. Their Exhumed Remnants demo was premiered right here at Decibel Magazine via Dutch Pearce’s “Demo:Listen” column. While invoking down ‘n’ dirty bands like Autopsy and Infester, the band admitted that they hoped to double their lineup and become a gigging entity. As they foreshadowed, Degraved now return with a full four-member squad and a new EP called Whispered Morbidity. We are psyched to share these vicious and viscous songs ahead of the January 20th release date, courtesy of Gurgling Gore.

Opening track “Crematortured” oozes from the abyss to kick off this cavernous romp. “Compulsory Bloodletting” charges ahead with a diseased sprint before settling into a contagious groove. In the same vein as their demo’s third track, Degraved invite some eerie horror synths to introduce “Reduced to Bone and Ash.” That song bleeds into the closing title track, that rides a bass solo into a swampy grave. The band excels at head-bobbing mid-paced stomps that are meaty and memorable. This EP of Finn-tinged American death metal is captivating down to the final crunch. It’s a release ready to infect your tape deck. But if you’re into CDs, Gurgling Gore has you covered. They added the Exhumed Remnants demo tracks to the CDs as well for double the destruction.

Prepare for the loudest whisper you’ll ever hear and press play below.

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