Track Premiere: Sequestrum – “Pickled Preservation”

Photo courtesy of Sequestrum

There are many areas that death metal has done to death, and I have to say, hats off to Sequestrum, because pickling corpses is not one of them. The band are dropping their new EP, Pickled Preservation, on January 27 via Extremely Rotten Productions. Featuring members of Chaotian and Undergang, you know this one is gonna be good.

The EP was tracked at Mayhem Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was mixed and mastered by J. B. Hviid. The follow-up to the band’s 2021 demo, Pickled Preservation presents a clearer, more refined production, though still horribly soaked in sonic sewage.

Regarding the track, the band says, “‘Preserved to Last’ feels like a good presentation of what the band is about, having both grimy grinding parts, gory groovy chunks, and a more rocking section. We feel it shows the slight diversity of what we try to mix within our death metal and also soaks it in the sludgy vocals expulsions of our three vocalists, in an attempt to make the music stand out a bit more too with the disgusting vocal diversity of our members in charge of those parts.”

Check out a sneak peak of “Preserved to Last” below.

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