Blast Worship: Artificial Scarcity

Where they from?
Crazy little place called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On Sunday, I watched the Jets lose to the Lions on my phone surrounded by Eagles fans who were happily watching their team throttle a woeful Chicago Bears squad. I cannot express how painful it was to hide my utter disgust in that moment. It was like all those times I had to see my family for Thanksgiving while hiding my Adderall addiction. Like, “Oh yes, Aunt Linda, I have lost some weight, I’m on a new diet thats called GIVE ME FUCKING DRUGS!”

Why the hype?
Normally I’d be hesitant to write about a group that only had a three song demo out but 1) I am feeling extra lazy towards the end of the year and 2) these three songs absolutely kick ass. Artificial Scarcity share a lot with their City of Brotherly Shove brethren Bea$ters in that every song is a technical and at times wankery roller coaster though I do like that these guys make just a wee bit more room for some truly expressive guitar moments in the eye of the storm. I’m talking weird-ass 7th chords with the same effects that Dean Ween uses! What more could you possibly ask for?

Latest Release?
The Potential to Storm Heaven, self-released. I just looked up the term “Artificial Scarcity” on Wikipedia and I only understood about 10% of the article, but man, does it sound bad! I mean, definitely not as bad as giving up a 50-yard touchdown on 4th and 1 to a fucking backup tight end, but still, pretty bad! Hopefully this band keeps making killer tunes so as to call out whatever this bad thing is that’s going on!