Video Premiere: Pynuka – “Breath”

Courtesy of Pynuka

Check out the new video from extreme experimentalists Pynuka, “Breath,” featuring vocalist Anda Szilagyi, producer Christian Alexander and Godflesh legend Justin Broadrick. This is the supergroup’s second single release so far, and it showcases everything the individual members bring to the table.

“‘Breath’ is a lovely, surreal track, says Anda. “Christian sent me the bones of it, which included the vocal phrase that starts it out and a bunch of other pre-recorded vocal parts I had done but didn’t even recognize. The song ended up being another piece in the meditative, nature-connected collection of pieces in this album. It’s always so interesting working with people who come from very different musical backgrounds.

“Pynuka is one of the most extreme collabs I’ve done in terms of this. My background tends to be more jazz, funk, Brazilian music while Christian and Justin bring hip hop, ambient, club, rock, metal, and industrial to the mix. The tracks we’ve done are all different than anything I’ve done before. I love working with these two.”

Check out their previously released video for Tá N’agu here, and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.