Track Premiere: Pyramid Mass Drop a Big ‘Ol Monolith of Sound with “Offerings” from Monolith

Any band that goes on record trumpeting influences/inspirations ranging from Pacific northwest trepanning miserablists Mortiferum, the labyrinth set to music that is Gorguts, The Birthday Party’s morose elegance and Krallice’s land speed record atonality is bound to turn a few heads and poke a few hearts on the Decibel masthead. While few of us are likely to be strolling down sunny streets humming or snapping their fingers West Side Story style to their latest conflagration, there’s definitely more than enough for metallically and experimentally inclined folk to sink their ears into. Today, we present a track from Pyramid Mass’ — who used to be called Doubtfire and have been granted real estate here previously — forthcoming debut full-length Monolith. Out in just over a month on the 20th of January, Monolith is the sound of the avant-garde cubist painting that mysteriously appeared above your Aunt Ethel’s sofa lounger after the mysterious dude dressed in black with the mad scientist hair at the end of the block had a garage sale. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Crider had this to say about his band’s first album: 

“After all of these years of experimenting, we’ve found our sound through practice and communication. We have no problem letting chaos reign and ignorant sludge chords run rampant, but I think, even more importantly, we’ve learned to have the confidence to let single notes resonate. This breath that we are now taking makes a huge difference. It also helps when you record with Kevin and Matt over at Developing Nations [studio], where you can rummage through an amazing collection of terrible noise makers. It’s great to be around intelligent engineers that don’t mind your suggestion of unintelligent ideas.”

See where your thoughts on the matter lie and whether or not you agree by taking it for a whirl below.

Monolith was recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Magrudergrind, Weekend Nachos, Noisem, Pig Destroyer) with technical help from Matt Redenbo (Eyelet, War on Women, Black Lung, Misled Youth) at Developing Nations in Baltimore and was mastered by James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Isis, Pelican). Monolith will also be released on limited edition cassette (50 count!) with hand-numbered inserts. Preorder, here.

The band is also playing a album release show in their native Richmond next month:

Jan. 22nd @ Gallery5 in Richmond, VA. w/ Druglord, Armagideon Time, Murdersome



*pic by Joey Wharton