Track Premiere: Raider – “Trial By Chaos”

Raider band photo

Back in 2018, Ontario marauders Raider invaded ears with their Urge to Kill demo. They expanded their approach to melodic death metal even further with their Guardian of the Fire debut LP in 2020. Now Raider teams up with Decibel Magazine to share the first single from their upcoming album Trial By Chaos. Well ahead of the album’s scheduled release date on April 7th of the new year, you can listen to the blistering title track below.

“Trial By Chaos” begins with a breathless and bloodthirsty sprint. This is the first introduction to Bennett Smith as the second half of the guitar tandem with Gabriel Rosa, and they don’t skimp on fretboard fireworks. Solos sizzle across the song’s 256 seconds. Meanwhile, Raider balance the melodic components of their sound with even more propulsion and power than past recordings. After Guardian of the Fire, Raider sliced over a minute from their average song length. The result is an album that punches harder and is poised for pit-stirring success in a live setting. Despite the record’s frothing ferocity, Raider retain their focus on embodying positivity.

“Life is hard the whole way through and each and every one of us has our own personal hell to contend with in order to find meaning,” the band shares. “We want to be a voice that is in your corner of the ring for the battles we face together, and the battles you face alone. That being said, there is no rule that facing life’s challenges should make us perpetually miserable; hat is what our live show is all about. We want people to feel welcome no matter who they are or where they come from, and to have FUN with us. If we can bring people joy and empower them even just a little bit to take on the next big thing, we have done our work.”

Ignite disarray by pressing play below.

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