Track Premiere: Faim – “Silver Spoon”

If you’re playing hardcore and aren’t seriously pissed off about, well, everything, then you’re doing it wrong. We don’t want anything less than complete and utter outrage and seething anger, and Denver’s Faim have all of that in spades. This metallic hardcore unit are fronted by vocalist Kat Lanzillo who sounds so incensed on new track “Silver Spoon” she’s just spitting nails. Her bandmates—Chris Carraway (guitar), Chris Carrera (guitar), Matt Pickler (bass), Nick Danes (drums)—provide the suitable soundtrack for her venom, crushing out a steamrolling, drop-tuned mid-paced stomp, that’s laced with post-hardcore guitar tension. It’s two-plus minutes of total fury.

“Silver Spoon” is taken from the band’s upcoming second full-length, Your Life and Nothing Else, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in Oakland, California. Your Life and Nothing Else is set for release on Safe Inside Records (same label that brought us SpiritWorld’s debut back in 2020) on March 3. It will be issued on vinyl as well as digitally and can be preordered here. Faim also have some upcoming live dates in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, as noted below.

Here’s what Kat had to say about the new track:

“This song is about how frustrating it is to watch white, upper middle class men fuck up their lives in their 20s and somehow end up making six figures once they get over their Peter Pan stage. It doesn’t matter that many of them identify as a leftist. They are just continuing the cycle of white men being on top with very little effort and everyone else having to scrape and crawl to gain any ground. Also, they should try and be friends with people who aren’t just white men.”


Upcoming live dates
December 17: Denver, CO – 3632 Morrison Rd w/ Raw Breed, Candy Apple, the Consequence, Sewerslide
January 13: Portland, OR at Mano Oculta
January 14: Vancouver, BC at the Red Gate
January 15: Seattle, WA at The Vera Project