Five For Friday: December 2, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

Have a few late-2022 entries for you to consider before the year wraps up. If you dig the new Hammers of Misfortune, don’t forget to pick up issue #219 that includes our Hall of Fame article about 2006’s The Locust Years. Otherwise we’ve got a lot of death metal and thrashy blasphemy for you below, along with whatever In the Woods… should be called in 2022.


Hammers of Misfortune – Overtaker

From our full album stream of Overtaker:

“While the album has many of the hallmarks of previous Hammers efforts, its trad and prog metal leanings are amped up with some thrash metal voltage, giving it a high-adrenalin feel. The 10-tracker, and first Hammers album since 2016’s Dead Revolution, was recorded in both home studios and at Steve Albini’s Electric Audio by Sanford Parker during the pandemic … “

In the Woods… – Diversum

Attempting to sum up Norway’s In the Woods… would be a futile gesture. But I suppose it’s enough to say that this enigmatic band continues it’s fascinating journey on Diversum. And while our resident avian delegate didn’t appreciate it, I like how they pulled off their latest turn. The sound is polished and has a soaring quality that comes together nicely, not unlike modern Amorphis, but with the band’s own character ever present.

Stream: Apple Music

Krushhammer – Blood, Violence & Blasphemy

An album that delivers exactly what the packaging advertises. The band’s approach bears a distinct echo of 80s street-punk that lays the ground upon which the hordes of evil thrash and proto-death ride to the slaughter. Wickedly catchy stuff.

Mycelium – Myoticism: Disseminating the Propagules

Punishing death metal from the one-man-metal army behind Mycelium. Apparently it’s about mushrooms? I mean, they are beings that emerge from dead organic matter. So that’s pretty metal. Anyway, this album is cool, and the vocals are particularly brutal and pare nicely against the melodic Swedish vibes present in the riffwork.

Stream: Apple Music

Shining Wizard – Tournament of Death

From our premiere of Tournament of Death:

“If wrestling-themed grindcore is your bag (and hell, even if it isn’t, it sounds like a really fun train wreck no one can look away from to me), check out the new full-length from Shining Wizard, Tournament of Death, out December 2 via Horror Pain Gore Death.

From the looks, and sounds of it, this is one for the books, so stream on, and if the mood takes you, slam it on out in the ring. It should be pointed out that even those who don’t follow wrestling can bang their heads to this one.”

Stream: Apple Music