Album Premiere: Shining Wizard – ‘Tournament of Death’

Shining Wizard

If wrestling-themed grindcore is your bag (and hell, even if it isn’t, it sounds like a really fun train wreck no one can look away from to me), check out the new full-length from Shining Wizard, Tournament of Death, out December 2 via Horror Pain Gore Death.

From the looks, and sounds of it, this is one for the books, so stream on, and if the mood takes you, slam it on out in the ring. It should be pointed out that even those who don’t follow wrestling can bang their heads to this one. Standout track and my favorite after a couple spins was “Devil In The Mirror.”

According to the band’s press release: “Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, Shining Wizard present a blood-soaked tribute to some of the greatest pro-wrestlers that have ever lived… and died! Hana Kimura, Scott Hall, Dr. Death, Brodie Lee, The Big Bossman, and NEW JACK are all represented in this morbid celebration of violence and suffering.”

Shining Wizard combine pop punk riffs, blast beats, and a love of wrestling to create something truly unique, a little weird, and utterly listenable. Their press release also claims:

“It’s like The Misfits vs. Napalm Death in a Barbed-Wire Deathmatch, Blink 182 with CTE, Leftover Crack… smoking even more crack!” We can’t argue with that.

Stream or buy the album here.