Video Premiere: Narcotic Wasteland – “Victims of the Algorithm”

Narcotic Wasteland

We’ve got the latest and greatest from drug-themed death dealers Narcotic Wasteland, the new video for “Victims of the Algorithm.” The song takes on lightning-fast and heavy riffs, in the tradition of the band, and the lyrics tackle our dependence on social media in the modern age.

“I am very excited to release this single,” says guitarist Dallas Toler Wade, previously of Nile fame. “It is the first time collaborating with our drummer and vocalist Joseph Howard. I had the music and concept down already, and Erik Schultek and I had already tracked everything but the vocals. Then Joe showed me some lyrics for a song called ‘Victims of the Algorithm,’ and I was totally blown away. It was exactly what the song was going to be about. They fit in perfectly with the rapid-fire guitar picking and fast drumming.

“For the video, we went to Kenji at Tsunami films. This dude is killing the game! The first night of footage was shot at the Thirsty Axe in Ukiah California. The additional footage was shot at a rehearsal place in San Francisco. I think Kenji really captured our live prowess very well! It has a very gritty punk rock feel to it, and fits the song and its meaning perfectly. Put away your phone, and disconnect in the pit!”

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Photo by Andrea Roberts