Re-Buried Choose Death Metal Albums as Horror Movie Soundtracks, Stream “Planetary Obliteration”

Happy Halloween, you ghouls. Because it’s such an important day for grown adults who like to wear costumes without calling it black metal, we have a double feature for you. First up: “Planetary Obliteration,” the first song from new death metal outfit Re-Buried‘s new album, Repulsive Nature. Featuring drummer and bassist Alex Bytnar and Clayton Wolff, both of funeral doom practitioners Un, Re-Buried play what is known as death fucking metal.

Repulsive Nature is a non-stop ride of old-school brutality, wild solos and general filth. “Planetary Obliteration” is the third song on the album and Re-Buried waste no time in getting to the point, jumping right into the business of playing knuckle-dragger riffs, melancholy melodies and blast beats.

“After releasing a demo in 2020 and a split with Deconsecration in 2021—both of which received a killer amount of momentum and got us on stage playing alongside bands like Exhumed, Blood Incantation, Immolation, Mortiferum and Mizmor—we hit the studio and recorded Repulsive Nature with the legend Billy Anderson at Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon,” Bytnar tells Decibel. We knew he’d get the sound we wanted and he delivered, a million times over.

“This album is about the vile and repulsive nature of the human race.”

Re-Buried agreed to get into the Halloween spirit with us, choosing their favorite horror movies and selecting the death metal album that they think best serves as a soundtrack. Check it out below and head to Translation Loss to score a copy of Repulsive Nature, out January 20.

1. Humanoids From the Deep – Obituary, Cause of Death

2. The Beyond – Immolation, Kingdom of Conspiracy

3. Maniac– Morbid Angel, Covenant

4. Night of the Demons – Undergang, Aldrig I livet

5. Martyrs – Disembowelment, Transcendence into the Peripheral

6. Black Roses – Necrot, Blood Offerings

7. I Drink Your Blood – Cannibal Corpse, Tomb of the Mutilated

8. Neon Maniacs – Incantation, Dirges of Elysium

9. Re-Animator – Suffocation, Effigy of the Forgotten

10. Scanners– Blood Incantation, Hidden History of the Human Race