Video Premiere: Jesters of Destiny – “Luxifur”

Jesters of Destiny

Proto-metal powerhouse Jesters of Destiny will drop their new release, Distorting Everything, on October 25 via Ektro Records. To get us stoked, check out the video for “Luxifur.” And yes, the “fur” is because it’s a cat video. Everyone loves cat videos!

“Prior to ‘Luxifur,’ the Jesters never made a ‘music video.’” says bassist and vocalist Bruce Duff. “We wanted some extra promo power for Distorting Everything, so we decided to do one. “’Luxifur’ seemed like the obvious choice, as it’s the shortest, fastest, most simple song on the album and a lot of fun.  I wrote the lyric nearly six years ago when my wife and I adopted a four pound black kitten she named Lux. Even though weighing in at just four pounds, he seemed like the most fearless and joyful creature on the planet, hence the lyric. We figured, so why not make a cat video? Cat videos are always popular. Why not make the first heavy metal cat video?  So with the help of Kent Holmes and the haunted house down the road, that’s what we did.”

Written over a five-year period, their latest offering brings the band, initially formed in the early 2000s, into the present day with their heaviest and catchiest record yet.

Preorder the album here. 

Photo courtesy of Jesters of Destiny