Track Premiere: Existentia – ‘Hyphae Reign’

A year, a month and a day ago, our own J. Andrew premiered the debut EP from Philadelphia brutal death metal outfit Existentia, commenting that they”play with a sense of exhilaration and brutal joy, one that emanates through the speakers with every crunch, double-bass-drum kick and guttural roar.” We’re happy to report that the trio still rip with exhilaration, enthusiasm and a love for Suffocation-meets-Origin-type brutal death metal.

Their latest is the single “Hyphae Reign,” a new recording to bridge the gap between last year’s Calculating Infinity and a to-be-announced 2023 album. Existentia sum up the new single to Decibel:

“If you like your brutality at 300BPM with a dash of tech while vocals are pummeled into your auditory cortex… well, Existentia has a treat for you, friends!  We worked hard to leave no stone unturned while creating our track ‘Hyphae Reign’ and are happy to share the meaning behind its composition with you all.

“‘Hyphae Reign’ – Global takeover is upon us as fungi spreads throughout the earth’s atmosphere. The rich and poor perish as equals. Mycelia rip through our nervous systems like an unrelenting enemy force. Our death becomes new life. Humanity’s greatest – and most destructive – accomplishments crumble back into the soil. Enslaved and united under a new sovereignty, humanity is one. The healing process begins.


Hard to think of a more metal concept than that. Listen to “Hyphae Reign” below.