Full EP Stream: Existentia – “Calculating Failure”

There’s something about listening to certain bands where you can just tell they’re huge fans of their style and are excited to play it. Philadelphia’s Existentia plays with a sense of exhilaration and brutal joy, one that emanates through the speakers with every crunch, double-bass-drum kick, and guttural roar.

The band’s three members are masters of their craft, both from a technical and songwriting perspective. Think of bands like Archspire and Origin but with the slightest hints of Pierced From Within-era Suffocation and Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel. No complaints from me! Additionally, they manage to create package their sound with crisp, clear, and full production without draining it of the spirit and thrill that is death metal. That’s not typical, friends!

And so it’s with an equal measure of brutal joy that Decibel presents the band’s new EP, Calculating Failure, in it’s full glory below. According to the band:

“We are incredibly stoked to share our debut EP through Decibel Mag. Born out of quarantine, we took our old school roots, fertilized them, and brutalized it with current societal frustrations and worldly agitations. Honoring the grooves from the classic death metal titans and the technicality of new school giants — this is our pulverizing take on the genre.”

Calculating Failure comes out this Friday via Stumpgrinder records.