Track Premiere: Deathsiege – ‘At the Ruins of Legacy’

Originally formed in Tel Aviv before relocating to Berlin, blackened death metal trio Deathsiege released just a pair of demos before catching the eye of their new record label, Everlasting Spew, for the release of their debut album, Throne of Heresy. At the core of the album’s sound is an aggressive take on American-style death metal with a healthy influence from European black metal.

Today, Decibel has a new track from the album for your listening pleasure. “At the Ruins of Legacy” arrives at the halfway point of Throne of Heresy, bearing down in a straightforward four-minute blast. Deathsiege are on “go” the entire track, cranking out their high-speed death metal with precision and zeal. The production on the album is intense and the track feels like it’s being driven straight into the earholes.

Check out the new song below and head to Everlasting Spew for pre-orders and to hear two other songs from Throne of Heresy.