Album Premiere: Catalyst – ‘A Different Painting For A New World’

Photo by Mathieu Ferrera

If you need a new album to dig into this week, we present to you the new record from CatalystA Different Painting For A New World. 

“This is the last stretch, the collision which will determine the fate of this world, says guitarist and vocalist Jules Kicka. “The Catalyst is now warning the masses of the devastation he will trigger to cast down the wicked as cleansing fire will scorch the Earth. As the purification goes, the Creator then awakes to face Its enemy, unleashing sheer brutality and pure might on the Catalyst, weeded out by the incredible power of the One-Above-All. With his physical body destroyed, the ethereal soul of the Catalyst now glides into abysmal void, as a feather in the wind.”

Well now—If that’s not enough to get you pumped up about this new release, I don’t know what is. It pushes the boundaries of both classic and progressive death metal, at the same time creating something new and all its own.

A Different Painting For A New World will be released through Non Serviam Records on October 14 as a digipak CD including a 16-page booklet, as a gatefold, double LP including colored vinyl, and digitally. Find preorders at the Catalyst Bandcamp here and their label’s web store here.