Track Premiere: Persekutor – “Brain Freeze”

Vlad the Inhaler knows a thing or two about the cold. As the ski-mask-clad frontman for the L.A.-based, Romania-bred Persekutor, he’s sung about snow, ice, and frost in just about all its frigid forms. What he hasn’t sung about until now is the icicles that have formed inside the brains of some of the dumbest, most gullible people in the world. You know the ones; they were trying to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6—a cold day, to be sure, even before you consider the presence of a member of Iced Earth.

If you happen to be one of those “when the hell did everything get so political” knuckleheads, don’t worry. Persekutor is still the same band who shot a music video in a hot tub, and their new EP Brain Freeze is still a blackened heavy metal party on ice. Beyond the insurrection-skewering title track, there’s also a new recording of the band’s crushing “Blizzard of ’78,” plus covers of Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” and AC/DC’s lascivious “Let Me Put My Love Into You.” The EP is a teaser for the already-recorded second Persekutor full-length, which will see the light of day in 2023 sometime. If Brain Freeze is any indication of its icy quality, you’re going to need an extra pair of long underwear. Read a quote about “Brain Freeze” from Vlad the Inhaler, and stream the new EP below.

“‘Brain Freeze’ is song about stupidity. Can apply to bad decision you are makings in moment of stress, or maybe you are just livings entire life as total hammerhead. Kind of likes this show I am watching in 2020 where couple thousand people gets tricked by reality TV star into stormings government building.”

Pre-order Brain Freeze here.