Video Premiere: Mammock – “Boiling Frog”

The nuclear family in the new video from Greek noise rockers, Mammock, seems a little . . . off. The parents are prone to angry disagreements when they aren’t staring at their phones and ignoring each other (and their young child), and the only thing the entire family manages to do together is stare transfixed at the weird quasi-religious shrine in their apartment. What does it all mean and what does it have to do with the song “Boiling Frog,” we have no idea, but the unsettling lighting and tension-filled edit perfectly fits the tune’s jumpy, terse post-hardcore smack. Mammock—Giannis Ar. (guitar), Klearhos G. (bass), Dimitris L. (drums), Andreas K. (vocals)—take the best of jittery/mathy ’90s AmRep-style noise rock and mash in a little Dead Kennedys outrage.

The video for “Boiling Frog” was directed/shot/edited by Tassos Gkoletsos and the track is taken from Mammock’s upcoming second full-length, Rust, set for release on Venerate Industries on November 4. You can preorder that from the label here.

Bassist Klearhos G. offered this regarding the new song and video:
“The main idea for ‘Boiling Frog’ came from two riffs we left out of ‘This Letter,’ the closer of our debut album, Itch. It was the first song we composed for Rust and we consider it probably the most in-your-face material we’ve ever made. Lyrically it deals with the matter of domestic violence, in the context of all forms of abusive behaviors and relationships.”