Video Premiere: Psychonaut’s “All Your Gods Have Gone” Eats the Non-Rich

Ever get the feeling you’re just a cog in capitalism’s wheel? That the rich are devouring you for the express purpose of fattening of their bank accounts? And that when you’re old, borderline decrepit and have served your purpose that you’ll be cast aside like a bag of hockey pucks during the off-season? Well, the three Belgians who comprise melodic post-metal noise rockers Psychonaut are here to confirm your feelings. The band is on the cusp of their latest and second album, Violate Consensus Reality and with latest advance single and video for “All Your Gods Have Gone” the trio do absolutely nothing to ally your fears about being useful to our corporate overlords until you’re not. That’s our interpretation of the track and video. Says the band about their composition:

“This track is one of the shortest and heaviest tracks we’ve ever written. We don’t usually allow ourselves to put too much anger into our songs because we try to focus on the positive, but this album made us realize that it can actually be a very healthy thing to give into your anger from time to time. There’s no use in ignoring it because that only makes it grow. The lyrics to this track were very cleansing and healing to write in that way.”

Violate Consensus Reality is out on October 28th via Pelagic Records.

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