Video Premiere: Ground – ‘Indurated Juvenescence’

New Jersey “false grind” outfit Ground (featuring members of reactivated slam/deathcore darlings Waking the Cadaver) have been quiet since the release of their killer 2019 album Mourn Innocence, but they’ve recently emerged to play their first shows since the pandemic. In addition to those shows, Ground have a new album, Habitual Self-Abuse, on the way for an October 28 release.

The first taste of the new album comes via the music video for “Indurated Juvenescence,” which is basically a fancy way of saying “hardened youth.” Ground love powerviolence but they also love knuckledragger hardcore, combining the two for a track that blasts and grooves in equal measure. “Indurated Juvenescence” hits even harder upon reading the lyrics, a candid expression of mental health.

Ground explained the meaning of the song to Decibel in a joint statement:

“‘Indurated Juvenescence’ is about missing out on your youth because you’re too wrapped up in trying to work through undiagnosed/misunderstood mental health issues. The older you get, the more you realize how much you missed out on, and it could’ve all been avoided if seeking access to mental health care was made easier, more affordable and didn’t have such a stigma attached to it.

“Frank Haung (Max Volume Silence) did an excellent job creating a visual representation of how governments and society intentionally mislead our troubled youth for their own agenda. Putting a firearm in the hands of someone with untreated mental health issues, whether they’re in the military, law enforcement or they’re a civilian, can have catastrophic effects, as we all unfortunately already know.”

Have a listen to the song below; Habitual Self-Abuse is out in October via Hibernation Release, with vinyl coming later.