Video Premiere: Rock Bottom – “Soup of the Witch”

Never let it be said that hardcore has no sense of humor. OK, sure, you can fire a hundred examples of the opposing view my way, but maybe it’s your perspective that’s actually lacking hilarity, so lighten up, tough guy. Plus, Philadelphia quintet Rock Bottom—Jordan Berk (guitar), Dion Barrella (vocals), John Lowe (lead guitar),  Jon Martello (drums), Chris Evans (bass)—don’t want to hear your negativity, they just want some soup—”Soup of the Witch,” that is. Fair warning: it may include really disgusting stuff and ultimately invoke the Dark Lord, but, whatever, it’s got a bruising breakdown.

“Soup of the Witch” is the first single from Rock Bottom’s second full-length (and first since 2012’s Down With the Devil), Speedway. And since it’s been a fucking decade between albums, Speedway also unofficially qualifies for nomination in the “Comeback Album of the Year” category, though we’re not sure who specifically is, you know, bestowing that award, which probably doesn’t actually exist, but should. Anyway, you can preorder this bad boy, which is set for release on September 30 on Knife Hits Records, on cassette, CD and digitally here,

This is what guitarist John Lowe had to say about the new single:

“’Soup of the Witch’ details the ritual that’s been key to our band’s longevity. Our unnatural good looks and crushing riffs can be traced to the contents of the cauldron. We can only hope our tens of fans do the right thing with this information.”