Blast Worship: Trucido

Where they from?
Dallas, Texas. Apparently the Cowboys are one of the few NFL teams who DID NOT improve their roster in the offseason. At least, that’s what the dudes on Pro Football Focus claim. I have come to enjoy the torturous dynamic that America’s Team has created  recently: Make the playoffs once every three years, loose in humiliating fashion and then only win four games the next year. It’s a cycle of disappointment that is so natural, yet so strangely fulfilling. I just waiting for that vein to pop out of Skip Bayless’ neck like the  creature from the movie Alien.

Why the hype?
Why is it every time I discover a new band that sounds super HEAVY and LEGITIMATE I get all excited that I’ve discovered some new gem of the underground and then I check to see their members and somehow Bryan Fajardo is the drummer EVERY DAMN TIME! And not only that but Irving from Texas grinders Daggra is also in this band, essentially making them a supergroup from the DFW area of Texas. FUCK. Thought I had discovered some brand new band with unproven talent but no.

Latest Release?
Demo. This band definitely packs a bit more metallic HEFT than most of the Fajardo-related projects. Album opener “Old World” starts with quite possibly his heaviest slam since Kill the Client’s epic “Downfall” and throughout the demo the downtuned guitar slithers around the savage death metal vocal work of Alejandro Ramirez to create a death/grind formula that slams as heavily as it blisters, deep in the heart of Texas.