Track Premiere: Diabolic Oath – “Swathed in Aberrant Flesh”

Diabolic Oath

Today, Diabolic Oath hit us with a slice of blackened heaviness in the form of “Swathed in Aberrant Flesh.” Their new album, Aischrolatreia is out September 2 via Sentient Ruin.

The sound of Diabolic Oath is the culmination of a meticulous distillation of influences and styles ranging from black, death, and war metal to doom, and with certain influences (new and old) such as Teitanblood, Morbid Angel, and Bestial Warlust creeping into the mix alternating more pronounced references to more subtle ones.

The band deliver a churning and abysmal onslaught of warped, tectonic hallucinations, with the band designing seemingly impossible and highly cerebral trajectories with their respective instruments while the load of death emanating from these plague-ridden conjurations crushes the listener down with merciless abandon into complete aural carnage.

Get the album here.