Third World Posse Is Back With “Master of Puppets”-Inspired Artwork

Late last year, we told you about Third World Posse, a group of artists from developing nations dedicated to producing work to fund-raise for important causes. Colombian painter Felipe Mora, who has already made amazing contributions with his artwork inspired by Metallica‘s Kill em’ All and Ride the Lightning is back with a new series of prints culled from the graveyard of Master of Puppets. According to the project’s IndieGoGo page:

Art meets audio perfection when Felipe Mora takes on Master of Puppets. Macabre marionettes, puss riddled preachers, pulverizing thrash punks, a little Lovercraft and more all showcased within eight 12” prints. 60% of all profits will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of San Vicente Foundation to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children dealing with cancer in Colombia.

If you’d like to donate to the children’s hospital directly, you can find more information here.

As if it wasn’t obvious, the image above is Mora’s interpretation of “Leper Messiah.” It’s a fitting image to go along with James and Lars mighty attack on the “prosperity gospel” and televangelism of the 1980s, albeit rendered with more Catholic imagery in this case. Check out the video below for a quick teaser preview of all the prints made for this edition of “Dealing Out the Agony.” The imagery for “Battery” and “Damage, Inc.” are almost hysterically brutal, and the art for “Orion” and “The Thing That Should Not Be” captures all the majesty the material demands. This is a seriously cool project, and I hope Mora keeps going into the Justice-era and even expands into covering many other artists.

The IndieGoGo campaign ends on August 20, and the physical copies of everything will ship out to people in October.