Blast Worship: Ona Snop

Where they from?
Leeds, U.K. Apparently American style powerviolence is very big in Leeds. Wow, after over a half century of us yankees ripping off the Brits for any and all types of rock music, we finally managed to create one that they decided to steal from us. And, lo and behold, all it took was a band called Spazz releasing a discography full of sloppy blast beats and wrestling clips to do it. Go figure.

Why the hype?
Leeds has a general nucleus of crazy grindviolence bands that all share members: The Afternoon Gentleman, Gets Worse, Lugubrious Children, Sulk, etc. Each band releases albums in ebbs and flows and they all tend to find ways to increase with bonkers-style insanity over the other. Ona Snop are no different. Imagine if Hummingbird of Death were accidentally put in a washing machine with a bunch of SpongeBob socks and underwear and you pretty much get the gist. Great stuff here.

Latest Release?
Ona Snop out now on Nerve Altar. The cool thing about all these Leeds based bands is that they actually do blast, and do it very well. Nothing more disappointing then when a band from the U.S. calls themselves powerviolence and then just sort of putters and feather-blasts through the blast beats. Yeah, I know this is at it’s core punk music, but I ain’t got time for that preschool shit. I’ve got losing sports teams to root for.