Five For Friday: August 5, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

As always, I like to include worthy underground names on this list, but it’s good to have a week of big names as well. This week is kind of an institutional week. Soulfly, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth are institutions at this point. You know what to expect from them, like you’d know what to expect from the passport office or local library. And they understand their obligations to you as well. Soulfly exists to deliver a modern blend of thrash, death and alternative metal with echoes of Chaos A.D. to tie listeners back to the old days. Arch Enemy exists to create catchy, fist-bumping tunes that will get audiences moving at Wacken and other big festivals. And Amon Amarth exists to RISE TO MEET YOUR FATE, FOR RAGNAROK AWAITS.

Anyway. The new Funeral Chic and Fleshrot are totally rad too.


Arch Enemy – Deceivers

Slick, well-produced and powerful melodic death metal from one of Sweden’s longest-running powerhouses. Highly recommended for fans of 2000s-style melodeath that refines and channels the style’s attributes into an accessible and hook-laden package. Note: this album actually comes out next week, but we won’t be running a roundup then, so we wanted to be sure we covered it here.

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Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army

Named for the massive invasion force that landed in England in 856, AD, The Great Heathen Army, is the latest installment of Amon Amarth being Amon Amarth. Nothing wrong with that! The band hams it up with big choruses, heroic riffs and tales of glory and sacrifice. You know what to expect from these mighty metal warriors, and the band delivers as usual!

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Fleshrot – Unburied Corpse

Don’t worry, underground sewer dwellers, we’ve got a dirty prize for you this week as well. The production, guitar tone, and growls here are so filthy, you won’t get the death metal stench off of you for weeks after cranking this one.

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Funeral Chic – Roman Candle

Are you ready to rock? Well you’re in luck then. On their latest album, Funeral Chic has moved on from their crust-core foundations. They still have that same spirit and energy, but have applied it to gritty hard rock instead. The album hangs together flawlessly as it weaves together tales of grim Americana.

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Soulfly – Totem

The latest from Max Cavalera and company. Don’t forget to pick up Decibel #215 to get a retrospective of Max’s long and storied career as one of metal’s most distinguished masters.

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