Track Premiere: Exaltation – “Iron Rebellion”


Here’s a nice helping of New Zealand death metal to top off your Tuesday–Check out Exaltation‘s new track, “Iron Rebellion.”

The band’s new full-length, Under Blind Reasoning, is out July 29 via Sentient Ruin. This is the band’s first release following a 2017 demo tape. It keeps the band’s underground, classic death metal influence in the vein of Morbid Angel or Immolation, and this time delivers it with a lot more polish and finesse.

The accompanying press release claims, ” These are death metal songs from a realm of perpetual darkness that bare a load of death and ruin of unprecedented traits. Songs of boundless terror and oblivion that evoke eons of darkness and an immanent and oppressive presage of complete inevitability as the music roars out of the speakers with ominous grimness and near-weaponized violence. All hail the realm of darkness and death conceived by Exaltation, one where the death metal craft is reborn as a feral ungovernable force to inflict merciless ruin unto this mortal plane and all that dares to attempt to exist within it.”

Preorder the album here.