Full EP Stream: Void Rot – “Telluric Dismemberment”

Minneapolis quartet Void Rot made themselves known in the underground with a series of quick releases: 2018’s Consumed by Oblivion EP, a split with Atavisma in 2020 and their full length debut, Descending Pillars, also 2020. Now they’re back with new EP Telluric Dismemberment, a quick EP that is over all too soon.

“Telluric Dismemberment” is the first of two new songs on the EP. Void Rot take influence from classic and modern death/doom bands in equal parts, playing a brand of death metal that is haunting at times and crushing at others. The two moods are both present on the title track, which is only piece of new, original music on Telluric Dismemberment. The second track is a cover of Amorphis’ “Black Embrace,” from the Finnish godfathers’ debut album, The Karelian Isthmus. Void Rot give song a deeper, more Krypts-esque vibe and it feels like a natural tribute to Amorphis’ contributions to the genre.

There’s a bonus of three live songs, which are solid additions for anyone interested in live tracks. Overall, Telluric Dismemberment is another great entry in Void Rot’s discography. Have a listen below and head to Everlasting Spew before it drops on July 22 for pre-orders.