Track Premiere: Void Rot – “Inversion”

After forming in 2017 and releasing one of 2018’s most promising demos, the Minnesotan death-doom quartet Void Rot set to writing their debut full-length album. By channeling the death-doom pantheon of yore to carve from modern dread their own structures of wisdom and punishment, Void Rot have come to wield a sound so heavy it occupies a physical presence in the room. On their debut album, Descending Pillars, the Minneapolis-based band prove to be in total control of their ungodly combined strength.

It’s our pleasure to bring our readers an exclusive track premiere of “Inversion,” from Descending Pillars

“We’re really excited to finally unveil our debut full length!” exclaims Void Rot. “We obviously wear our influences on our sleeves but I think that over the course of the past two years from ‘Consumed by Oblivion’ to now we’ve been able to refine our sound and key in on what makes us unique. We always try to grow as musicians from release to release so it’s great to be able to put forth a definitive ‘this is Void Rot’ and use that as a foundation. The album itself is sort of a concept album, bookended by two massive songs, and ‘Inversion’ is sort of the culmination of the ‘meat’ in the middle. It starts right in and ends in a very ominous manner. The song was actually titled ‘Inversion’ since it takes one of the main riffs from ‘Descending Pillar’ and reverses the riff—so instead of the notes going downward, ‘Inversion’ ends with that riff going upwards. That sort of ascending pattern makes listeners look towards the sky for salvation, but alas the ominous way in which it finishes suggests otherwise.”



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