Five For Friday: July 15, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

We’ve got an interesting set of new releases for you. The first three work if you’re looking for something simple and straightforward. The last two get a little more deep and complicated. The soundtrack for hot metal days and raging (but thought-provoking) metal nights.


Inhuman Condition – Fearsick

Well, that was fast! The portion of Massacre that split off to create Inhuman Condition came in hot with last year’s Rat°God, and has lost none of that fire on Fearsick. If you love classic Floridian death metal and want more, more, MORE of that good stuff, the riffs and grooves on this album will give you just what you need. I wonder about the character on the band’s album covers though. What’s his story?

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Maul – Seraphic Punishment

A new band of warriors approach. From the flatlands of Fargo, North Dakota, Maul has arrived with an excellent debut album filled with hooks, variation in tempo, and some of the most ferocious vocals in the game. I also honor them for the unique color scheme they used in their album artwork. They knew how to mix it up, but in a way that keeps it mean.

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Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Ninja

This is the “American Assault” edition of an album that came out earlier this year. All four songs contain the word “heavy metal” in the title. There are karaoke versions at the end that you can use for singing along. It kind of rules. One of the band’s other releases is called Heavy Metal Chainsaw.

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The Wakedead Gathering – Parallaxiom

This is the kind of thing you rely on when looking to I, Voidhanger Records. This concept album tells “a dark sci-fi story, set in a gray and dystopian future in which genetic tests allow an authoritarian state to determine whether an unborn person will commit crimes as an adult.” If the Gattaca-esque vibes of the story don’t hook you, then the crushing and expertly crafted brutality of the music will.

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Xenoglyph – Spiritfraud

Spacey, otherwordly black metal that still remains grounded in the atmosphere and mood the style demands. Think of it as perhaps a trippy variation on what bands like Midnight Odyssey and Mare Cognitum tend to do. The theme of coming from a different world (“GJ357D”) is a cool touch as well.

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