Video Premiere: The Boneless Ones –“Good Friends”

Since 1984, The Boneless Ones have been all about good times: skating, partying and raising hell. But their song “Good Friends” cuts deeper; it’s about the effects suicide has on the loved ones of someone who takes their own life. “I saw my friend crying after learning of his childhood friend’s death and heard his mother breaking down while processing her son’s death. Those are images I’ll deal with for the rest of my life,” vocalist Max Fox says. “I believe those same common feelings of loss are felt by everyone post suicide.”

Check out the video premiere of “Good Friends” below. After the video, read a few quotes from the rest of the band. Thanks to The Boneless Ones for sharing this critical message, especially in light of the recent death of Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder and the increase in adolescent suicides during the pandemic. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Please remember: if you are considering suicide you are not alone. Each life is a precious gift. Reach out, talk to someone and get some help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.


“I have lost far too many family and friends to suicide in my life. My father took his own life in 1993. After the tragic loss of John Lee last year, Troy and Max wrote this very powerful dedication to him. Please if you are suffering and feel lost and hopeless reach out to The National Suicide Prevention hotline. You are not alone in this fight.” – Chris Kontos

“This is a very personal and important song for me. My best friend, my father, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother also hanged themselves. Please watch over each other. We love you.” – Troy Takaki

“We’ve all had too many good people die needlessly by suicide. Depression can be overwhelming at times. Getting to talk to somebody in our darkest hours of need may just be our saving grace.”- Craig Locicero