Video Premiere: Child Bite – “Pass the Glue”

Everyone has their vices, this much is true. Some unhealthier than others, but a vice is a vice. It’s inherently, you know, unhealthy. Detroit’s noisy hardcore vets Child Bite take a light-hearted look at the topic in their new video for the track, “Pass the Glue.” The tune itself feels like a beefed-up Dead Kennedys romp, with it’s serpentine, almost surf-rock guitar lines and vocalist Shawn Knight’s distorted, unhinged vocal approach. It’s a two-minute rumble with some agile twists and turns plenty of inhalant-induced madness.

The animated video, though, that’s where the song really shines, as Knight and crew—Jeremy Waun (guitar) and Sean Clancy (bass)—are portrayed succumbing to their own personal vices: for Knight it’s beer, for Waun it’s cigs and Clancy loves him some soda and sweets. (Guest drummer Urian Hackney of the Armed doesn’t get the cartoon treatment.) The video was created by Venturia Animation Studios, based in Bogota, Colombia, and was produced by Juan M. Urbina and directed by a gentleman by the name of Karlos.

Child Bite fans interested in hearing more new tuneage should click on the band’s site here on June 29 and/or check ’em out on tour with Psychic Graveyard in the Midwest and Canada (dates below).

Here’s what Knight had to say about the new video:

“We took it pretty easy during the pandemic, but we did manage to spurt out a few new songs. ‘Pass The Glue’ belongs to that batch, and was the perfect candidate for animation since it clocks in under 2-minutes. I don’t remember how I found Venturia Animation Studios, but I’m sure glad I did . . . this is one of the best videos about sniffing glue out there, animated or otherwise.

The lyrics are partially absurdist and partially a true sentiment enhanced/obscured by colorful language; “I won’t say no as long as you’re passing the glue,” which amounts to confirming a ride-or-die relationship.”

Tour Dates (with Psychic Graveyard):

Wednesday June 29th @ Subterranean (Chicago, IL)

Thursday June 30th @ West Side Bowl (Youngstown, OH)

Friday July 1st @ L’esco (Montreal, QC)

Saturday July 2nd @ The Baby G (Toronto, ON)

Sunday July 3rd @ The Loving Touch (Ferndale, MI)