Full Album Stream: Mine Collapse – ‘Delusions’

pic by Michael Rataj

Six years after unleashing their self-titled debut EP, Chicago hardcore trio Mine Collapse return with their long-awaited debut LP Delusions, recorded with Andy Nelson at Chicago’s Bricktop Recording (Weekend Nachos, Jesus Piece, Like Rats), after which the tracks were mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Nails, Xibalba), and the album completed with original artwork and layout by Shawn Knight (Child Bite).

Not only does Decibel deliver Delusions a day early (it’s out June 24 on the always excellent Nefarious Industries), but the band has provided full track-by-track descriptions in the event your ears deceive you. Read on and check out the full stream below.

Each song is a loosely tied together concept centered around the idea that the masses are becoming more divorced from reality as they splinter off into their own echo chambers. Every song is a delusion unto itself.

“Bone Saw”
The aftermath of a delusional killer. A person pushed past the point of reality into the murder and disposal of human remains.

“Death Spirals”
A death spiral, also known as an ant mill, is a natural phenomenon where ants, instinctually following the ant ahead, become locked in an endless circle, unable to break free. They march around in a loop until they eventually drop dead of exhaustion.

In “Death Spirals,” these doomed ants are anthropomorphized, standing in for humans who blindly follow commands of superiors and actions of peers. It is a wake-up call to think for yourself or blindly march to your death.

Slowly becoming detached from reality until you can no longer tell what is the truth. The delusion of dying while trapped in a fever dream.

Losing your grasp on reality due to massive income inequality. Financial despair breaks the will and the mind. Delusions of a broken mind seeing through the lies to reveal the true oppressor.

“No Return”
Delusions created by the media. How the media creates narratives solely to boost ratings and proGits. A fraction of truth twisted and used to manipulate the masses with no regard for ethical consequences.

“Empty Void”
The ultimate delusion of God and religion. Believe and you will be saved? Or enter perpetual nothingness? 

Delusions will see release on all digital platforms as well as limited runs of CD and cassette on June 24. Find pre-orders now at  Nefarious Industries HERE.