Album Premiere: Werewolves – ‘From the Cave to the Grave’


Forget about hot girl summer; the air is too damn toxic for bikinis and beaches. It’s brutal riffs summer, and we can’t get enough. The latest band to drop something absolutely punishing and disturbingly heavy is Werewolves, hailing from Australia and bringing the absolute fire.

The new record from Werwolves, From the Cave to the Grave, is out June 24 via Prosthetic Records. The name almost implies a fun, easy, old-school record, but this is anything but. Combining death metal brutality with black metal influence and atmosphere, this album goes hard and also paints an immersive picture for the listener.

“If you want to get your teeth kicked in minus the surgery bills, this is your album,” says bassist and vocalist Sam Bean. “From the Cave to the Grave is the most aggressive release of the year, and anyone who says otherwise is a great big fat false. I wouldn’t be surprised if just the picture of the cover is roaming the internet and bashing all the other pretenders. Violence is fabulous. Cheers to Decibel for the premiere.”

You heard it here first—The new Werewolves just may be the heaviest release of the summer, so don’t sleep on this thunder from down under.