Album Premiere: Our Dying World – ‘Hymns of Blinding Darkness’

Our Dying World band photo

Formed in 2018, Los Angeles eulogists Our Dying World released their debut LP (Expedition) in 2019. Packed with metalcore ferocity, it was a glimpse into the planet-decimating power of the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Hymns of Blinding Darkness. Officially unleashing on June 24th, Decibel Magazine is honored to exclusively premiere the album a few days early.

The symphonic intro “Ars Moriendi” sets the grim tone even before the first roar of guitar emerges. When “Everything We Know is Gone” commences it introduces a band that has vastly expanded their sound after their debut. We’re talking a dramatic metamorphosis that heavily leans on Graham Southern for orchestral and keyboard contributions. The clean-singing and gentle segments of “Survivor” invoke the bold balladry of Wintersun and Nightwish.  Later, album closer “Veil of the Reaper” captures Children of Bodom’s scythe-swinging melodic sizzle. Engineered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound, there’s a crispness to the guitar solos that allows them to soar. Hymns of Blinding Darkness is an intricate album with lofty pursuits featuring a stunning band makeover.

Hymns of Blinding Darkness has been a step into what we believe will be Our Dying World’s sound for decades to come,” the band comments. “The orchestration and ambience from Graham [Southern]. The shred and chunky rhythms from Ray [Sanchez], Nick [Loxx], and Austin [Mitrofanis]. The speed and power of the drums from Tom [Tierney]. And the agonized howls from David [Ainsworth]. Together, they create a shade of metal that is familiar, but hopefully unheard before.

“We’re striving to take melodic metal to a place where it’s yet to go,” the band continues. “We’ve written songs with speed, a folk feel, and an almost sludge-like feel, but all of those things remain creatively us. We’re trying to incorporate elements of every serious genre into an easily accessible place where fans of all genres can come together and enjoy this ever-evolving project of friendship and love for metal as a whole.

“A huge thanks to Decibel for giving us the chance to show the world what we’ve got to offer, and a warm welcome to all the fans we’ve touched along the way, old and new. We’re incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and all the positive things you’ve brought to our channels, platforms, and profiles. Here’s to the first of many!”

Venture into the darkness with Our Dying World and press play below.

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