Full Demo Premiere: Vengeance Horde – Vengeance Horde

In the case of the brand new bestial-nuclear war metal outfit Vengeance Horde, what you see is what you get. That is, if you look at the above promo picture featuring the American musician naked from the waist except for chains and nail-spiked gauntlets and expect to get the shit beaten out of you, you’re absolutely on the right track.

Entering the world with merely two tracks and less than 10 minutes of material is exactly the kind of bloodthirsty belligerence we should come to expect from these new stateside conquerors of black/death. But it’s ‘Same War Both Sides’ so expect to find yourself going round after round against this ultra-fast and completely fucked shred-attack on the senses. In other words, Vengeance Horde might only be two quick bangers, but how long do you really want to spend on this hellish battlefield? At least at first. When it’s here, we’ll be ready for the full-length. But first . . .

“We are a swift axe to the skull of all foes,” announce Vengeance Horde. “Possessed by manic lust for vengeance, nothing but the blackness of war lies ahead!”

Go get Vengeance Horde’s demo from Stygian Black Hand.