Track Premiere: Still/Form – “Loyal, Like Dogs”

The dream of ’90s noise rock is alive in Portland. Thank god. All that throb-heavy bass, staccato-drumming, high-wire guitar tension and disconnected vocals. It’s right here in the new track from PDX trio Still/Form, a group that actually formed during the pandemic. “Loyal, Like Dogs” is a rhythm-heavy ride through echoing guitar arcs and occasionally harmonizer-driven crushes of thick, distorted slabs. It’s all high anxiety and twitchy, with production that captures both the brittle and the thundering aspects of the band.

Still/Form—Robert Comitz (guitar/vocals),  Kirk Evans (bass), Ryan Losli (drums)—are offering the track as a very early preview of their upcoming full-length debut, From the Rot Is a Gift. The album was recorded by Comitz, a former member of Marriage + Cancer, at his home studio and is set for release on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Hex Records on August 19. You can do the preorder thing here.

Robert Comitz had this to say about the song:
“The vast majority of humans are stubbornly set in their ways, continuing to be apathetic to systems that oppress them and subservient to masters that wouldn’t blink an eye to dispose of them if it helped their bottom line. They are blindly loyal to their own views, religions, bosses, media, politicians, etc.