Track Premiere: Somatic Decay – “Mutilated Facades”

Somatic Decay album cover

When a band as hellishly heavy as Portland’s Ossuarium dissolves, you pay attention to the aftermath. Today Decibel unveils the first single from Somatic Decay. Featuring half of Ossuarium, this putrid new project will lure fans of detuned death with their old school spirit. Their debut demo is a sewage-soaked introduction to the band’s raw, raucous take on the genre. Iron Lung Records pressed 200 cassettes to infect your tape deck. They release the full demo on May 6th.

Consider the two stabs of feedback a warning. Guitarist/bassist Nathan McCleary immediately drops a slaughterhouse hammer of distortion in “Mutilated Facades.” It’s the first song on the demo, and it churns from riff to riff while devouring everything in its path. Around 2:13 they bust out graveyard grooves verging on subterranean slam. Later at 3:38, vocalist/drummer Ryan Koger’s diseased growl chases McCleary’s guitar leads out of the mix. If you dig Pacific Northwest heaviness like Witch Vomit and Mortiferum, you will happily submerge yourself in Somatic Decay’s slime.

The band describes the song as “four and half minutes of relentlessly pummeling death groove, squealing guitar leads and death rasp vocals.” Lyrically, Koger says “Mutilated Facades” is “about the ways we all betray ourselves and others, code-switching, mutilating our sense of individuality and letting each other down to please the powers that be. Here’s hoping one day we can all feel empowered enough to just be ourselves.”

Empower yourself to press play below and surrender your flesh to Somatic Decay.

Pre-order Somatic Decay’s demo from Iron Lung Records HERE

Stay tuned for more from this duo in the coming weeks!

Somatic Decay band photo by Jason Anderson
Somatic Decay (Photo by Jason Anderson)