Fawn Limbs To Release Exclusive EP, ‘Oleum,’ Via the Decibel Flexi Series

Equal parts unpredictable, suffocating and crushing, Fawn Limbs have developed a sound uniquely their own by not only stepping out of their comfort zone, but running headfirst at top speed away from typical genre conventions. Starting with a heavy technical mathcore base and welcoming collaborators from the world over to incorporate elements of noise, electronics, sludge, doom, orchestral arrangements and much, much more, this lurking behemoth managed to surface on our Top 40 Albums of 2020 list with their sophomore full length Sleeper Vessels. Given the opportunity to provide a song to the long-running Decibel Flexi Series, Fawn Limbs went even further and provided an entire EP for Decibel readers to wrap their heads around. Titled Oleum, we’re gifted with four songs of indescribable heaviness that see these technical wizards venture even further into uncharted territory. To join in this journey, be sure to sign up for a deluxe Decibel subscription by Monday, May 2 at noon ET. Don’t get burned, secure your copy today!