Five For Friday: April 29, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

As we exit April, the cruelest month, we have five albums ready to propel us into Spring-proper — including the latest from Decibel-reader favorites like Watain, Krieg and Devil Master. But there’s also a couple death metal gems to be found here, one super brutal, the other super strange.


Crucifixion Bell/Krieg – Split

An excellent split by two of USBM’s finest foot soldiers. Crucifixion Bell‘s sound is built on pure, raw melancholy, with mournful riffs pulling the listener down into the spiraling darkness. And Krieg should need no introduction for Decibel readers. Just know that Neill and company bring the crushing and violent storm of black metal they’ve reliably crafted for decades now.

Devil Master – Ecstasies of Never Ending Night

Your favorite ramshackle gang of metal punks are back! And this time they let up a little bit on the chorus pedal, while flooring it on speed, riffs and atmosphere. Manifestations and Satan Spits on the Children of Light were fun, but on this album the band really comes into its own. It’s a fun time that demand to be taken seriously!

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Dischordia – Triptych

I’m told some of you death metal fans like to get weird. Like, Gorguts’ Obscura-style weird. Dig into this then, it has all the odd timings and rapid stylistic shifts you could ask for.

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Sacrilega – The Arcana Spear

Brutal, devastating, unrelenting death metal. This San Diego trio has landed its forces with a triumphant debut album, bringing enough firepower to level every false fortress in the land. And yet the band has a mind for dynamics, as they don’t overuse the blastbeats, but rather apply them when they really count. It’s a little something that rewards repeat listens.

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Watain – The Agony and Ecstacy of Watain

Well. That’s quite a title, isn’t it? Sounds more like an off-Broadway musical than a metal album. But I digress. The album shows the storied Swedish unit veer away from the ferocity of the previous album and move in a direction that almost resembles the blue-cover black metal of their brethren in Dissection, et. al. Regardless, it’s definitely Watain, as I’m sure their hordes of devotees will be happy to hear.

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