Blast Worship: Gritted Teeth

Where they from?
Berlin, Germany. True story: my friend told me last year that she was moving to Berlin and I didn’t realize there was a town in New Jersey called Berlin, so I just assumed she had made a very casual decision to completely uproot her life and move 5,000 miles away. I was like “Damn, is working at Wawa really that bad?”

Why the hype?
This band is a bit of a throwback, not in terms of their sound, but in the fact that they have virtually no internet presence outside of the youtube link I’ve attached to this article. No Bandcamp, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, nothing. Normally I would pass on writing about a band so inaccessible but, goddamn, is thing impressive.

If you’re a fan of that wing of European grind bands who make a living out of being totally batshit bonkers rather than metallic (think Ona Snop, Horsebastard, Afternoon Gentlemen) then you need to check this the hell out. Only notable difference is the sense of angularity this mysterious german unit bring to the table, conjuring up images of Syntax and Agents of Abhorrence, but all within the blender of a Tasmanian devil.

Latest Release?
EP out on…YouTube? Seriously, what gives? This band is so much better than 99.99999% off the bands that actually do have a Bandcamp. I’ll be honest, part of me likes the mystery. It reminds me of 2005 where you would find some band on MySpace that only had like seven friends and three songs up but, man, did those three songs FUCKING RIP. And then you would check back a few months later and — poof — the page was gone. It’s like the devil, the greatest trick you can pull is convincing the world you don’t exist.