Full Album Stream: Corpsessed – “Succumb to Rot”

Succumb to Rot is the fourth album from Finnish death metal crushers Corpsessed, marking their fifteenth year as an active band. Coming three years after their last album, Succumb to Rot is as pure a death metal album as they come, blasting through eighth songs in 36 minutes.

With the release of Succumb to Rot, Corpsessed celebrate fifteen years of existence as a band. They say that they’ve only become more vicious as time progresses and with songs like “Calling Void” and “Death-Stench Effluvium,” it’s hard to argue. Combined with one of the most visually -striking album covers this year (courtesy of artist Vladimir ‘Smerdulak’ Chebakov), Succumb to Rot will be a hard one to forget.

“The work that went into the album was long and arduous, and the wait to release it amidst the pandemic, the ever-lengthening lines at the vinyl press and the chaos of the world was excruciating… but here it finally is and we are proud to present you our new album, which shows the band more vital and strong as ever,” Corpsessed tell Decibel.

“The compositions are more direct and to-the-point, the tempos are varied and the arrangements dynamic—you’d think a band might slow down after 15 years of action but we beg to differ, as on the whole this might be our fastest album to date? Much words can be said about the themes and ideas that went into the album—but instead of doing an autopsy of our work and exhausting myself in the process, I leave it to the listeners to dig into themselves. All we wanted to say with this work can be found within the songs themselves.”

Succumb to Rot is officially out April 22 via Dark Descent but you can listen to it below.