Video Premiere: Hellbent – ‘My Hits Don’t Lie’

Photo by Omar Ludin / @omarshoots

Hellbent are the smokiest band in the game, beating you over the head with cannabis infused, puppy dog loving hardcore punk—or at least that’s what they claim. As we creep closer to the hallowed stoner holiday and look for something different to spin than the same Weedeater or Sleep record, we will be the judge of that.

Their debut LP, Primitive Hits, produced by Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats, will be released on—you guessed it—April 20, and the aptly titled “My Hits Don’t Lie” gives a sneak peek into the action. 

“How much weed is too much weed?” asks vocalist Phill Paxton. “‘My Hits Don’t Lie’ is Hellbent’s cannabis anthem, and filming this video, we found out there’s no such thing as too much weed! This song means a lot to me. I personally think it took a lot of strength and courage to write such powerful lyrics. Some attentive listeners may even pick up on an underlying theme in this song. As far as the video goes? I don’t remember shooting it,”

“Enjoy our spectacle of excess,” offers Matt Bresse, “and please, do not try this at home…”