Full Album Stream: Disfuneral – “Blood Red Tentacle”

French death metal crew Disfuneral make no bones about their objective as musicians. Their stated aim for their new album, Blood Red Tentacle, is to create a dissertation on what they feel death metal is and should be. As it turns out, Disfuneral studied the masters before releasing their dissertation and the results are impressive.

Blood Red Tentacle is a love letter to Dismember, Entombed, Nihilist, Autopsy and early Death, with hints of crust and D-beat found throughout the nine tracks. Lyrically inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, Disfuneral play with an authenticity that isn’t always common with modern HM-2 death metal bands. The French quartet keep up aesthetically, from the album cover to the guitar and vocal tones to the band logo but Disfuneral also deliver in the songwriting department, adding traces of doom and American death metal to the mix.

Death metal purists: stream Blood Red Tentacle now and grab a copy of the album via Redefining Darkness.