Track Premiere: Synteleia – “Harvest the Forest”


Greek black metal phenoms Synteleia rumbled the underworld of metal with their debut album, Ending of the Unknown Path. Now, the Athens-based quintet poised to release their new album, The Secret Last Syllable, via Greek indie Floga Records. Described as a combination of the classic Greek sound — think early Thou Art Lord, Nightfall, and Septic Flesh — and their own abyssal black, Synteleia’s driving, aggressive, yet melancholy-ridden attack adds to the flames currently emanating out of Hellas. To wit, that includes Katavasia, Yoth Iria, and unsigned lords Drakon Ho Megas.

Decibel and Floga Records hereby premiere “Harvest the Forest,” the second track — after “Tower of Koth” — from The Secret Last Syllable. Throughout its nearly four-minute journey, Synteleia riff their mid-tempo way through some choice atmosphere, with frontman Nyctelios’s wicked snarl pairing nicely with Cronios and Drakon Hesperion’s pronounced melodic/aggro compositional temperament. The main refrain returns time and again to remind listeners that Synteleia though relatively unknown have the power to transcend their small universe. Indeed, the album’s Cthulhu Mythos and The Necronomicon lyrical themes inform the look/feel.

Say Synteleia: “‘Harvest the Forest’ is a characteristic track of our new album The Secret Last Syllable, one that we will definitely perform in our upcoming live gigs, as it digests what we stand for: occult atmosphere and despair, guitar riffs and rhythms forged in a ritualistic manner, riveting keys that capture the cosmic fear of Great Cthulhu’s manifestation, as well as a maddening effect of guitar and drums solo, that drives you straight to insanity! In essence, a narration of a mystical invocation of Cthulhu in a forest by the sea, by a vicious occult sect, known in the ancient catacombs, as ‘Omega Alpha.’ Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!”

Travel to Lovecraft’s Dreamlands on Synteleia’s “Harvest the Forest.”

** Synteleia’s new album, The Secret Last Syllable, is out on May 14th, 2022 on Floga Records. Pre-orders are not yet live but interested parties of the everlasting Greek flame can check out the Floga Records store for more info (HERE).