Track Premiere: As the World Dies – “Desolate”

As the World Dies album cover

As the World Dies is a new death metal band from the UK with some familiar talent attached. Guitarist Scott Fairfax must be a busy bloke, because he also shreds in Memoriam, Massacre, and Hellfrost and Fire. He has recruited some of those vocalists as guest performers on the band’s upcoming debut album Agonist. The trio of vocalists from those bands alone are some of the most notable growls from the genre’s golden age. Karl Willetts (Memoriam, ex-Bolt Thrower), Dave Ingram (Benediction) and Kam Lee (now back in Massacre) lend their considerable talents and scene cred. Thanks to Transcending Obscurity for letting us host a premiere of the new single “Desolate” before Agonist helps murder the world on March 25th.

“Desolate” is a foreboding but invigorating death metal journey that rains plague and locusts down on listeners. The song is a succession of new chapters that unveil the band’s approach to atmospheric heaviness. That doesn’t mean drenching the song with keyboards and bloating the run-time with experimental passages. While rumbling between Fairfax’s supreme riffs, the song remains a cohesive and engaging listen. The album artwork by Varises Otak feels like the paintings of Marald Van Haasteren (Necrot) if it was borne from a different dimension. As the World Dies achieve something similar with this song. It’s familiar, but avoids predictability with a focus on varied tempos and diverse textures. From the tasteful synths to Paula Webhe’s guest vocals, “Desolate” keeps you guessing as the world around us perishes.

Experience devastation and desolation by pressing play below.

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