Track Premiere: Berthold City — “Out of Darkness”

“There’s a crack in everything,” Leonard Cohen once crooned. “That’s how the light gets in.”

On “Out of Darkness,” Berthold City — a Los Angeles straight edge hardcore quintet that counts heavyhitters Andrew Kline (Strife, World Be Free) and Dennis McDonald (Internal Affairs) amongst its ranks — isn’t content to swipe at paper thin strips of luminesce and, instead, takes a burly sonic wrecking ball to the whole damn wall.

“‘Out Of Darkness’ is about facing your problems head on,” Kline tells Decibel. “We have all been living through some very unprecedented dark times, and it has been incredibly hard on all of us. This song is about asking for help and addressing your mental health problems before they get the best of you.”

Our exclusive stream of this churning rager is here:

The track is right at home with the other eleven gritty, soul-stirring anthems on the band’s debut full-length When Words Are Not Enough, out via WAR Records March 18th. (Physical preorder here. Digital here.)

Check out the kinetic official video for “Only Truth Wins” below: