Album Premiere: Hellfrost and Fire – ‘Fire, Frost and Hell’

Hellfrost and Fire album cover

Hellfrost and Fire are perfectly at home in the flames. From the opening clamor of their debut album (Fire, Frost and Hell), the project unites death metal veterans for an album of all-sizzle-no-fizzle evil summoned by Rick “Dennis” DeMusis’ riffs. Featuring vocals from Dave Ingram (Benediction, Down Among the Dead Men), there’s a distinctly early-’90s UK vibe to this bloodbath. Decibel Magazine is happy to risk eternal damnation by streaming the entire album early. Transcending Obscurity Records release Fire, Frost and Hell on March 18th.

Old school death metal fans will delight that this album is a bulldozer for the first 15 minutes. Hellfrost and Fire bash out one banger after another, conjuring the meat-and-taters brawn of the genre’s heyday. There’s a harmony corrupting splash of early Napalm Death in “Across the Bridge of Tyrants.” The sinister triplets of “Sonance of the Swords” act as a declaration of war. The opening of “The Lost King and the Heir Apparent” is a welcome intermission before the rest of the track decimates all in its path. Ingram had tours of duty in Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets, and his growl is a time portal throughout the record. That also goes for the guest solos from Scott Fairfax of Memoriam. He sears his signature into each track like his guitar is a fire brand. By the time the brutal closing track fades to black, Hellfrost and Fire have surrounded you with a fresh inferno.

Claim your own hot or cold spot in Hell and press play below.

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